SNR Detailing & Valeting Company Rebrand

Mobile Sparkling Diamond Valet, a renowned company in the automotive care industry, had established a reputation for excellence in high-quality car detailing and valeting services. With a growing customer base and expanded services, the company decided to undergo a rebranding to better reflect its evolving identity and market position.


Our objective was to create a logo and brand identity for SNR Detailing and Valeting that encapsulated the essence of premium car care while being versatile and forward-looking.
The new brand identity aimed to resonate with both existing loyal customers and attract new clients seeking professional detailing services.



The Outcome

After fully understanding the Mobile Sparkling Diamond Car Wash requirements for their new SNR Detailing and Valeting relaunch, we got to work and created a very clean, simplistic and overall beautiful logo for their brand.
They were very happy with the outcome of the logo and opted to get leaflets and business cards to fully show off the new logo.